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A Complete Guide On Surprising Health Benefits Of A Carpet Floor

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Carpet floors are a vital piece of the aesthetics of your home and office. It's no surprise that most individuals are debating the type of floor covering and its compatibility with their furnishings and overall interior style. In reality, we base our decision on various factors ranging from color to texture to durability. Unfortunately, it's not just about the style. Most people will be surprised to learn that considering the health benefit is also a significant criterion when choosing floor types. And carpets provide numerous health benefits that may outweigh their aesthetic value.

Do you want to learn more about these health benefits? We have here an extensive list of the health benefits of carpet tiles.

Carpets Transmit Lesser Bacteria To The Body Than Other Types Of Floor Coverings

Floors are not regarded as a hot point for the spread of the virus in situations such as nursing homes since residents and employees rarely contact the floor with their bare hands. However, in residential and childcare contexts, it is slightly different. Isn't it nice to know that carpet distributes fewer bacteria to hands than other floor finishes?

A comprehensive study reveals that certain diseases, such as VRE (Vancomycin-resistant enterococci), live for shorter periods on carpets than on alternative floor coverings, such as rubber tile, parquet, vinyl sheet products, and vinyl composite tile. In addition to showing that carpet harbors less VRE, this study also discovered that carpet transmitted less VRE to hands through contact than rubber and vinyl floors and cleaned just as well as any other flooring inspected.

Carpets Absorb Sound, Reducing Echoes And Other Unpleasant Noises

Noise and sound bounce off the walls and floors in a room with many hard surfaces. And it causes noises to echo and resound throughout the place. But carpets can minimize noise and unwanted echoes and sound since modern carpet is naturally excellent sound absorptive material. A carpet designed for commercial use can absorb airborne noise as effectively as many specially designed acoustic materials.

Carpets Improve The Quality Of Indoor Air

We spend more than 85% of our time indoors, with older adults and children limited to an internal environment even more. Due to decreased square footage and circulation, air quality is 5-10 times worse inside than outside.

Fine dust can be dangerous to one's health, especially for allergy sufferers, because the particles can irritate the respiratory tract when breathed in. Many studies imply that classic carpet fibers attract and hold dust particles, compared to hard surfaces, where they sit on the surface and become airborne. When carpets are vacuumed regularly, these particles and dander trapped inside the carpet fibers are removed from the room without irritation.

Carpets Lower The Occurrence Of Respiratory And Allergic Reactions

Let us dispel the myth that carpets increase health issues such as asthma and allergic reactions to dust particles, pollen, and pet danders. Contrary to popular opinion, carpet floors benefit individuals with respiratory difficulties. It is a preferable alternative to hardwood flooring since the carpet threads trap these particles.

Carpets Provide Better Heat Insulation

Carpets improve the performance of your heating systems. Simply said, it keeps your house warm and comfortable in cold weather. Without a doubt, this minimizes the occurrence of health complications such as the common cold and pneumonia.

Carpets Minimize Toxic Chemical And Carcinogen Exposure

Another intriguing health benefit is carpets release low concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds. A study explained that a percentage of chemicals and solvents are eliminated from carpets during the finishing furnace process. Carpet floors produce extremely minimal VOCs when compared to other floor-covering materials. Without a doubt, this function benefits your health by enhancing air quality.

Carpets Are Perfect For Diminishing Psychological Distress

Oh, the comfort you feel as you bury your feet into your fluffy carpet. This calming sensation relieves the struggles of your regular duties. A recent study asked 42 persons to walk on carpet-covered flooring and wooden floors for 10 minutes each to assess the authenticity of this impact. And the former was more successful than the latter in relieving stress. It's no surprise that carpets are the most commonly used floor covering in counseling sessions.

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