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Matching Your Carpet or Rug Options For Every Room In Your Home

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Carpeting requirements differ by each room in the house. Matching carpets can help create a uniform design and tie the rooms together. But, if the space is a high-traffic area that demands more sturdy carpeting or deserves to be its own centerpiece with unique flooring, feel free to use a coordinated but distinctive type of carpet from the rest of the rooms in your home.

Choosing carpets for your home is satisfying, but there are so many options that it can be confusing. One should consider functionality, sturdiness, and comfort in selecting the right carpet for your home aesthetic.

So, when should you match your carpets? What is the appropriate carpet style for a high-traffic area or stairwell? Do the carpeting in the bedrooms have to match? To assist you in selecting your ideal carpet, we've prepared a room-by-room overview of the best carpet style for each home section.

Best Carpet For The Living Room

A living room is commonly used as a home's gathering spot, bringing family members together to converse, play, or chill. As a result, it is essential that the living room floor be soft, comfy, and inviting. Beyond that, factors such as durability, ease of cleaning, design, and color have an influence on selecting the ideal carpeting for the living room.

Wall-to-wall carpet is a classic choice for your living room, providing warmth and comfort in what is perhaps your home's favorite space. Also, twisted fiber carpets, such as textured soft fabric or frieze, are ideal for living areas. These designs have a comfy underfoot but will not wear out with regular use. Furthermore, both carpets have shorter fibers, which can help conceal footprints and vacuum streaks.

The carpeting in the living room, like other forms of flooring, looks fantastic in a neutral tone. Having a neutral carpet tone, you can use accent colors to elevate the interior or room decoration. You may also lay a vibrant area rug on top of low-piled living room carpeting for a pop of color. Alternatively, you can make your living room the focal point of your home by choosing a bolder shade or patterned carpet.

Best Carpet For The Bed Room

Carpet is an ideal flooring option for the main bedroom for various reasons. Carpets are naturally insulating and can provide a pleasant, warm touch when you take your first steps in the morning. Furthermore, carpets also muffle noises, making your bedroom a peaceful haven for rest. They also come in a number of styles that are sure to complement the style of your bedroom.

If you like to change the design of your space frequently or prefer a more muted aesthetic, a plain carpet is a way to go. You may also choose a more textured style for your neutral carpet to help differentiate it from the flooring in other rooms.

Think about how much space your bedroom furniture takes up. In extending the look of a small room with carpet floors, it would be ideal to have a soft color, which can make your space appear brighter, or linear stripes, which provide the appearance of a bigger room. If you feel suffocated in your enormous room, choose dark-colored carpeting, which can help make your bedroom appear smaller and more intimate. Carpets can help you achieve a comfortable and cozy bedroom. You'll enjoy getting into and out of your bed almost as much as sleeping in it if you have carpet floors.

Best Carpet/Rug For Dining Room

Select rugs and carpets shape that will suit your dining room furnishings. Dining room rugs should be big enough to cover your table and chairs. There needs to be enough room between chairs so that when you pull them away from the table, their rear legs stay on it.

Almost all dining table rugs are rectangular in shape, but any style will do. The rug should reflect the curve of the table for the best visual effect. A long table, for example, looks good on a tight frame, whereas a round or elongated rug highlights the structure of a round table. Also, keep in mind that the dining table rug will be set on by heavy furniture. Chairs are being pushed and pulled. Accidents with food are possible, and crumbs will be present even if no large spills occur. The material you choose is critical to the longevity of your rug.

The appearance of your rug can serve as a foundation for the color palette of your dining room or as a means to connect colors together. Determine how you want to use the color of your dining room rug: as a centerpiece, to add dramatic warmth, or to soften the ambiance. Choose a pattern that complements the era of the furniture. A Persian rug complements classic furniture, but a plain-colored rug with fascinating texture or a striped or geometric design complements the midcentury modern furniture.

Durable Carpets For Stairs and Landing Areas

Generally, most people are skeptical of having to install rugs and carpets for landings and staircases, given the risk of tripping. However, if you decide to install carpet across this area, ensure you use a non-slip material.

Staircases are a high-traffic area in any home, so you need to choose a carpet that will endure the attention while still looking great. The carpet floor has the advantage of cushioning every foot and reducing the noise of your and your family's daily movement up and downstairs. It is critical that you select a carpet for your staircase that is long-lasting, sturdy, and resilient.

Your staircase carpet must not only be of good quality and durable, but it must also look attractive. Striped carpets are usually a popular choice for a full-width carpet or a fitted staircase runner because of their stunning effect and aesthetic impact. Striped carpets are also ideal because they fit perfectly with the angles of a staircase, producing attractive results.

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