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10 Carpet Flooring Trends To Look Out For In 2023

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Carpets gain popularity with each passing season, and 2023 appears to be the pinnacle of their popularity thus far. With more organic fabric and earthy color tones, last season's eco-friendliness and synthetic fibers continue to rule the game. Simultaneously, new splashes of color and wild designs strongly enter the 2023 carpet trends, emphasizing self-expression. Interior designers have also predicted the return of vintage carpets. To be ahead of your interior decoration transformation, let's look into the carpet trends that will dominate in 2023!

Eco-Inspired and Smoother Fabrics'

Eco-inspired and smooth fabrics are now interior designers' favorite phrases. You can never go wrong with an eco-friendly carpet or rug made of bamboo, wool, cotton, or jute. Aside from adding a rich texture to the design, ecologically responsible production raises awareness and encourages sustainable products. You make a difference in your interior design and the environment.

Earthy Tones

While carpet trends indicate that we can be wilder with our colors and patterns, there is also a significant trend toward using classic carpets for their most known characteristic - giving warm and relaxing vibes to a home. And the warm, earthy tones further add to the ambiance. Such color combinations connect you to nature, balance the style, and create the ideal sensation of calmness and serenity that we all need. Nature has always been a solid source of inspiration, and basing your fluffy carpet color on this concept will keep you on trend this 2023. 

Pastel Shades

While plain carpets have always been a perfect option in vibrant and monochromatic room spaces, a pastel shade like lilac is a delightful alternative that keeps the interior space from being too dreary. Blending it with current living room trends, such as darker wine shades or warm greens and yellows, can create a cheerful atmosphere and the perfect foundation for an influx of vibrancy through accessories and furnishings.

Adventurous Designs

Designers assert that the days of muted colors reflect minimalist designs, with everything clean and subtle over carpet color trends in 2023. The season's biggest trends are adventurous and vibrant colors that take center stage. You don't have to look far to discover the best color. Nature serves as inspiration again, but this time it's on the bright side with warm terracotta, trendy coral, peachy orange, and whatever juicy color suits your style.

Recycled and Sustainable Fabrics

In an aggressive attempt to change industry norms, designers are turning to waste to contribute to resource efficiency and shift material preconceptions. A circular design approach is critical for taking responsibility for the goods created. Brands are now creating carpets out of recycled and sustainable materials to contribute to environmental conservation.

Abstract Prints

Abstract prints are changing the current carpet trend with wild patterns. For any design, you desire any color scheme that resonates with you: the brighter, the better. Don't be scared to experiment with vibrant color palettes and unconventional patterns in 2023. It is what distinguishes the carpet or rug, and it appears that individuality is in demand next year. And so you can create your own handmade carpet.

Rug Layering

When it comes to adding texture, you can do it by creatively blending fabrics and patterns through rug layering. Layering is a great design concept that highlights functional spaces without using reinforced walls. By overlaying one rug with another in a sophisticated style, you give the appearance that your home was planned by a professional. And that nothing is in its place by chance but by design.

Distressed Carpet Design

Perfectly distressed carpets with Vintage-inspired Turkish and Persian patterns are a popular and long-lasting trend that no one wants to leave behind. The actual gems of this list are the carpet trends in 2023, with exquisite shapes and illusional floral themes polished with hazy pastels. Aside from the already worn aspect, they exhibit more evidence of inevitable tear with time and offer more vintage beauty to any place you think is worthy of such carpets.

Neutral and Natural Materials

Neutral and natural materials are possibly the most on-trend and certainly the most popular carpet trend. This look's simplicity is comparable to that of hardwood flooring. You still get that organic aesthetic and plenty of substance, but with a touch more softness underfoot.

Contemporary Carpet Tiles

Interior designers are guiding us in reimagining carpets in domestic settings with modern materials, distinctive shapes, and vibrant colors, bringing them to life and providing a practical solution when laying over existing flooring. Carpet tiles in opposing colors are also perfect for the trendy checkerboard design in a room!

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