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A Complete Guide To Buying Eco-Friendly Carpet Options

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

In recent years, eco-friendly carpet options have become more popular than ever. Carpet is a popular choice for flooring for most homeowners because it is comfortable, soft underfoot, and sound-absorbing. The carpeting industry has achieved significant technological improvements, notably in terms of minimizing environmental impact and making the concept of sustainable development accessible to all. There are now visibly more eco-friendly options, and being sustainable with carpet flooring is becoming increasingly common.

Eco-friendly carpet is available in almost every style, from throw rugs and wall-to-wall carpets to customizable area rugs. Because of the intricacies, authenticity, and eco-friendly standards they comprise, these fibers show popularity for home flooring options. That's why for homeowners looking for eco-friendly carpet alternatives, here's a complete guide to the most sustainable carpet options available on the market. 

Wool Carpets

Eco-Friendly Carpet

Wool carpets are made of highly regarded natural fibers and are also considered very sustainable. The bulk of classic carpets and rugs on the market are made from wool. Wool works effectively for floor insulation because its fibers produce air pockets. Because of its hydrophobic qualities, it is also naturally resistant to piling, flames, and moisture. Wool insulates sound and humidity, is resistant to water and stains, soft and silky, and durable.

The perk of a wool carpet is that it's not produced with synthetic dyes. And there are no synthetic materials or styrene butadiene adhesives in the carpet padding. Wool carpeting is an excellent choice for everybody, but especially for those who are chemically sensitive. Wool carpets are known to filter indoor air for up to 30 years. If you are looking for environmentally-friendly carpet options that will match your room's aesthetics, choosing a wool carpet would be perfect!

Acrylic Carpet

Eco-Friendly Carpets

Acrylic is the closest substitute for wool and is recognized for its wide color range and color consistency, even in direct light. Acrylic carpet may be suitable in bathrooms because it dries rapidly and is mold resistant. It is also relatively cheaper and ideal for covering a broad area. Since acrylic carpet is made of synthetic materials, it will not trigger allergies, making it ideal for any household concerned about allergic contaminants.

Polyester Carpet


Polyester carpet is composed of synthetic fibers and plastic polymers. It is well-known for its delicate texture, vibrant colors, and stain resistance. Polyester carpet is usually applied in bedrooms and family areas where homeowners prefer a softer underfoot feel. PET polyester is well-known for its eco-sustainable properties making it a good option for those who want environmentally-friendly floors. PET fibers are naturally stain-resistant and do not require chemical treatments that are commonly used on nylon carpets. They preserve color and are resistant to fading. When it comes to stain resistance, polyester is also the best alternative since it possesses hydrophobic fiber, which repels liquid.

Polyester has a significantly lower cost because of its cheap raw materials and production costs. As a result, it is an excellent choice for low-budget remodeling and provides good value for your money. Polyester carpets are available in every price range and with high-quality levels, including a wide range of styles.

Choosing environmentally friendly flooring is becoming increasingly crucial for homeowners. Now, purchasing decisions are being driven by the ecological consequences of options. And homeowners are looking into sustainable carpet alternatives for their home space.

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