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Carpet and Rugs Trends You Should Not Miss In 2023

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The year 2022 was remarkable for both interior and home design. Many creative concepts have become popular, and many traditional aesthetics have come back or been modernized to fit contemporary trends. It has made us contemplate 2023 and possible trendy styles.

This article contains helpful advice to design modern carpets to add style to your home if you want to improve the interior design of your house this year. We got you covered whether you're seeking the ideal area rug to complete a room or want to know what's hot for 2023. Here are the anticipated carpet and rug trends for the upcoming year that will make your home stand out.

Vintage Carpets

Vintage carpets are still fashionable and on-trend, whether they were designed to look that way or were passed down from your grandparents. Its timeless patterns, exquisite details, and delicate blooms add a coziness that makes any space feel homey and comfortable.

Distressed carpets in monochrome palettes with different tints of color, like blues and purples, oranges and reds, or shades of gray, offer a fresh twist on this popular trend. We can see a more postmodern, artistic, or intricate design in new vintage-inspired carpets and achieve that well-used distressed or weathered appearance.

Utilizing vintage or vintage-inspired carpets instantly gives a room a nostalgic vibe and ties the room altogether into a unique feel.

The 70s Inspired Shaggy Carpets

The popularity of decorations with a 70s theme has increased in 2022 and shows no signs of slowing down. Fashion from the 1970s became prevalent in modern times, with everything from shaggy hairstyles to crochet tops becoming mainstream. Home design trends have also been influenced by this rebirth of the 1970s aesthetic, which encouraged interior designers to incorporate elements with unusual fabrics, earthy colors, and even curved couches and furnishings. But the shaggy carpet is perhaps the trend that best embodies the 1970s than any other.

This luxurious carpet - termed because of its shaggy carpet piles, is often seen in bright hues, but it also looks amazing in neutrals. Over the years, shag carpeting has fluctuated in and out of favor. Initially, new homeowners despised them. But it has returned now, with a more stylish appearance and appealing color schemes. Shag carpets will give spaces a unique flavor and a plush appeal, whether vibrant or neutral.

Homeowners can place shaggy carpets in lower-traffic areas like bedrooms and offices for a pop of intriguing texture. They'll last longer and are less likely to collect unnecessary dirt and particles in their pile of snagging fabrics.

Multilayered and Patterned Rugs

We will see more multilayered and patterned rugs in 2023, which most homeowners find interesting and are another retro-inspired home aesthetics. This trend, which draws inspiration from bohemian and maximalist themes, is all about giving your home a laid-back yet unique ambiance. Your home will have remarkable dimension and comfort if you overlay a mishmash of tiny rugs. For a more subdued appearance, group rugs of the same color. Also, you can pair rugs of different weaves, designs, and tones for a more daring look.

This style gives you the advantage of carpeting everywhere in your home while being trendy and adaptive. To give your room a fresh look, you can move your rugs as the seasons change. This style blends well with the vintage aesthetic and is ideal for homeowners looking for fresh alternatives to using their old rugs.

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