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Helpful Tips On How To Clean Your Carpet Without Damaging Them

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Carpet Rugs are popular among homeowners because it provides warmth and comfort to the home space. Carpeting defines an area and adds style, color, and texture. Carpeting is also an investment that must be properly cared for and maintained to guarantee a longer lifespan. Following easy cleaning, routines protect your carpets and preserve their durability.

Knowing which materials to use on specific stains is essential because some supplies can add insult to injury by further ruining the carpet. So, here are helpful tips on how to clean your carpet with utmost care.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Weekly

Hot water extraction, often known as 'steam cleaning,' is one of the best methods for sanitizing your carpets. While typical vacuums are effective and should be done regularly to remove materials that can harm the carpet, steam cleaning once a week can help remove grime you can't see.

The steam cleaning method is effective, but using hot water only may not be enough to clean your carpet. As a result, you can use a professional treatment mixed with water that has no toxic properties to clean the carpet surface thoroughly.

Vacuum Twice Every Two Weeks

Vacuuming frequently helps minimize the number of dust mites that may cause asthma and allergy symptoms. It also requires cleansing surface debris from carpets before it becomes absorbed. It is ideal to use a vacuum cleaner with a hard suction, rotating bristles, and a HEPA filter (to prevent dirt and dust from being pushed back into the exhaust).

Clean-up Spills Right Away

Clean any liquid spills with clean white or light-colored towels so the stain won't absorb. You can also use a spatula or spoon to scrape sticky items off the carpet's surface. Do not rub the stain spot because rubbing will only do more damage to the carpet fibers and might spread the stain. Keep in mind that no matter what cleaning solution you use, blotting will help you easily remove the stain since you are applying pressure to the area, causing the liquid to be sucked into the cloth or sponge. Another approach to maintaining carpet fiber is to be mindful of the direction in which you blot. You have to blot inwards starting from the outside of the stain to prevent it from spreading.

Remove Pet Hair with a Squeegee

Pet hair is infamous for being challenging to clean with a vacuum cleaner alone. Lint rollers may also be ineffective when cleaning the entire surface area, and pet shedding may be excessive. So, if your pet has short hair, the squeegee will do the trick.

Although the squeegee is intended for window cleaning, its design remove grime, frost, and other particles that create thin layers and cling to a surface, much like pet hair on a carpet. To do the magic, simply wet the squeegee and use it exactly as you would clean a windowpane.

Maintain Clean Carpets By Using Shoe Caps/Indoor Shoes

If you like entertaining people and inviting guests over to your house, you can maintain a clean carpet by using shoe caps or having indoor shoes. Incorporating this will dull imprints from heels, running shoes, and boots, keeping individuals from bringing too much dirt into the house. Prevention is just as essential as maintaining, and planning ahead of time helps to keep cleaning to a minimum.

Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner

If you don't want to rent or buy a machine, and if a stain is particularly glued on your carpet, the best way to clean it may be to hire an expert. Professional carpet cleaners utilize cleansers and steam to get into your carpet, and they have effective machines that remove bacteria and filth from any pile on the rug. If you have wall-to-wall carpets, you should consider doing this once a year.

Carpets come in multiple colors, styles, sizes, and fibers, but not every tip here will be applicable. Be sure to understand carefully what your carpets' demands will be before proceeding with your cleaning process.

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