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In Choosing Your Carpet Option Here's 5 Things You Must Know

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Choosing your flooring type is a crucial component of interior design. Depending on the room, you can choose between tiles, wood flooring, vinyl flooring, or carpet. Choosing carpet flooring gives an extra layer of warmth to your home and is an ideal choice for those who live in cooler regions. A carpeted floor ultimately elevates the aesthetic appeal of your space, giving texture, warmth, and color. They absorb noise and soothe the ambiance of a room, creating a pleasant experience. In a nutshell, it is a fast and efficient upgrade that results in instant transformation.

But how do you choose the best carpet for your space? Is the size you've selected accurately? Do the colors complement your home's atmosphere and aesthetic? Choosing the appropriate carpeting style, from the right colors to texture patterns, may be overwhelming, especially when your options are limitless. So, here are five things you must know before choosing your carpet option.

Choose the right size Choosing the carpet size is essential in any space of your home. A carpet that is too small can get hidden in your room. It should also not be so huge that it takes up too much space in the room. Ideally, the carpet should be sizable enough to define the area where you will place them.

For example, if you place it in the lounge area, you should be able to set your couch on the carpet's borders so the two front legs are beneath the carpet. If your family room has two seating sections, you can use different rugs and carpets to divide and distinguish the space. If you place the carpet beneath the dinner table, it should be sufficient to cover when the chairs are pushed back. A 2-foot arc length around the table's footprint should suffice.

Color and fabric material

Carpets are now available in practically any shade possible. Aside from the style and aesthetic of the space, it is vital to choose the appropriate color for your place. As a basic rule, consider the following when selecting a carpet color:

  • The carpet color should complement the rest of the space. It covers not only the color of the walls but also various furniture and decorations.

  • When choosing patterned carpet, consider apparent floor space rather than room size. Match larger patterns to rooms with more visible room space. Match smaller patterns to rooms with less visible room space.

  • Lighter colors are appropriate for smaller rooms since they reflect light and create the illusion of space. Darker tones for larger rooms create a cozier atmosphere.

Also, spend time researching several varieties of carpet fiber to choose which is ideal for your needs. Carpet fibers are not all the same. There are natural fibers to consider, such as wool, or synthetic fibers, which are more cost-effective. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each fiber type can help you limit your options. Here are some considerations:

  • Choose the material based on its intended use. In the bedroom, shaggy carpets feel warm underfoot, and it's nice to wake up and bury your toes into the softness of the carpeting next to the bed.

  • Fine Persian carpets are timeless pieces that you can add to your home space, and they appreciate over time and can be considered heirloom possessions.

  • With stain resistance and simplicity of care, synthetic fibers are superior for carpets. Synthetic carpets, particularly nylon carpet, are also long-lasting, and nylon carpet is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Cleaning and maintenance requirements

All carpets and rugs should be vacuumed regularly to minimize dust accumulation and maintain them smooth and fresh. You can air the carpet in the sun on your patio or balcony every couple of months. Spills should be cleaned right away to avoid persistent discoloration. Blot spilled liquids dry and use a stain remover that will not discolor the material. Professional cleaning is recommended for premium carpets.

Go for quality and sustainability

Buying high-quality carpet is essential if you don't want to replace it too often. To choose a high-quality product, you must first understand what you need rather than concentrate on the weight of the carpet pile. Many customers are misled into believing that this is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a carpet. It frequently results in individuals acquiring something with a higher face weight that does not entirely suit their wants. It has also become essential to choose carpet floors from sustainable materials. Choose carpets made of natural materials to provide a healthy environment for your family. Also, choose chemical-free color schemes to avoid risky fumes at home.

Complements your lifestyle

Your carpet style should depend on your lifestyle and home needs. A couple who does not have pets or children will have different needs than a household with young kids and indoor pets. Those looking for a more hardwearing, solid, and durable carpet should choose a hard twist cut or textured loop pile in a darker color. On the other hand, if it's you and your couple, a touch of luxury and a flat-colored plush pile is what you need.

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