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Top 5 Cleaning Tips And Why You Should Schedule Carpet Cleaning Before Seasonal Holidays

Updated: Apr 22

Start playing Christmas music and putting up your glittering string lights and cheerful decorations because the holiday season is just around the corner! Before the main holiday of the year arrive. And people start pouring into your home for parties and dinners - there is much to do.

While selecting the ideal present and making a holiday feast are essential, don't forget to prepare your home. A crucial item to put at the top of your list is cleaning your carpets and making them look tidy.

Here are five cleaning tips and why you should schedule carpet cleaning before the holidays.

Vacuum your carpet

To remove dust and allergens, start by vacuuming your rugs and carpets a few times a month. And every time you plan to deep-clean or spot-clean your carpets, vacuuming should come first. You might be unable to reach those stains if debris lodged in the fibers.

Most cleaning experts advise shaking out your rugs a few times each month. Flip your carpets over and clean the back every few months, as it will remove the grit from the rug's bottom.

Get rid of carpet stains

If necessary, clean stains as soon as they appear. When you gently blot (don't rub!) the area dry with a clean cloth, you may prevent the stain from having a chance to set as most modern carpets are made to withstand liquid penetration for a while. Use the proper carpet stain cleaning method to deal with deeply ingrained stains or dirty areas. You may have a lot of carpet stain removers and treatments in your kitchen.

Deep clean manually

For thorough cleaning, using a carpet cleaning machine is your best option. Here is a DIY option if you don't have one and don't want to purchase one.

  • Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet's surface.

  • Warm water and carpet shampoo (whose color you've tested) should be combined before being put in a spray bottle.

  • Spray the carpet with the cleaning solution.

  • Use a carpet brush to scrub.

  • Wipe up the area.

  • Spray only warm water

  • Re-blot the carpet.

Yes, it takes a lot of time, but it's less expensive than buying or renting a carpet cleaner.

Use a carpet-cleaning machine

There are smaller devices that can ease carpet cleaning, although carpet-cleaning machines sometimes receive negative reviews for being large and heavy. You can rent a carpet cleaning machine from your nearby home improvement store if you don't anticipate using one frequently (or if you lack the space to store one). Here's how to use a carpet cleaning machine to clean your standard carpet.

  • Clear the carpet of furniture and other objects.

  • To remove any loose dirt, vacuum the area.

  • Detect stains that require additional cleaning (and remember to do a color test before using a new cleaning solution).

  • Select the additive to use in your cleaning machine

  • Fire up your vehicles! Start on the farthest corner of the space to avoid becoming caught in the middle and encircled by a wet carpet. The spray button should be depressed while moving your cleaning attachment forward and backward.

  • Do the same thing without pressing the spray button after that. Continue in this manner until the entire carpet has been cleaned.

  • Rinse. Although unnecessary, repeat the process with fresh, warm water in your machine.

  • Dry it out. Before moving your furniture or stepping on the carpet, give it four to six hours.

Having your carpet professionally cleaned once or twice a year is one of the best solutions. Hire a reputable professional carpet cleaning to do this time-consuming and laborious task. Also, remember that failing to have your carpets cleaned by a qualified professional regularly may void any warranties.

Choose between steam carpet cleaning and dry extraction carpet cleaning when hiring professionals. Both techniques work wonders on stained carpets when applied by a trained carpet cleaning expert. Professionals often have more experience removing carpet stains and much more sophisticated carpet cleaning equipment than you're likely to buy or rent. Consider the advantages (convenience) and disadvantages (price variations for the same service).

How to make your carpets ready for the holidays?

In conclusion, you don't want your carpets to appear their worst over the holidays when friends and family visit. Even if you believe you can handle the busy preparations for everything else, you might find that cleaning your carpets on your own is a bit too challenging.

Every room in the house needs to be thoroughly vacuumed. However, a qualified carpet cleaner can assist you in getting a thorough cleaning that offers some degree of protection over the holiday season.

Deep-seated dirt that has been brought to the surface by hand-washing will be removed during professional carpet cleaning. It will give you the warmth and softness you want for the holidays while also getting rid of any stains, unpleasant smells, dullness, and bacteria. Your carpets can be treated with a protectant after they have dried.

Having your carpet's cleanliness and luster restored will give it the appearance you want for the holidays and enable it to withstand additional stressors such as increased foot traffic.

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